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Learn and practice the Tai Chi Beijing form with this useful program
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Tai Chi is a Chinese form of soft martial art used mainly as a system for maintaining and enhance people's health. This program features the 24-movement Beijing Tai Chi form. It is a standardized form that took some movements from different Tai Chi styles. The program features each movement with written instructions at the left panel and a 3D animation of the movement. You can set different camera angles to view the movement from different points of view. This is one of the program's main advantages, since it can't be done in instructional videos. Thus, you can turn the camera left or right, tilt it up and down, and even split the screen to view more details about each movement. Also, you can select only one movement to study by choosing it from the drop-down menu, or run the entire sequence. The written instructions are very useful too, since they tell you how to move the different parts of your body. This program will be very useful for Tai Chi students who want to review the movements they learn at their classes, or even for those who does not have access to a Tai Chi school and want to learn this martial art.

Victor Hernandez
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